Flight Simulator X Program

Microsoft® Flight Simulator X (FSX) is the culmination of nearly 25 years of the landmark Flight Simulator franchise from the computer and gaming expert Microsoft.

Flight Simulator X software is approved for “Flight Training Devices” by the FAA and used by the military also. Note that the software in no approved, but the combination of the software and specific hardware is approved. Either way, the software has evolved so it is realistic enough it training professional pilots.

The strength of FSX is it is easy to install, easy to use, has a number of easy to use tutorials, and is a great flight simulator program. It is not as easy to add airplanes and the airplanes can not be easily modified as X-Plane.

Here is a quick video tour showing some of the basics of using Flight Simulator X…      https://youtu.be/WwVeyFH_fdY

Flight Simulator X immerses you in a beautifully rich and realistic world with dozens of aircraft and interactive Missions for a completely new and innovative gaming experience. Free Flight lets you fly anywhere in the world, from your hometown airport to the most exotic places you’ve ever dreamed of.

Although this is mainly a gaming application, it is a serious flight simulation software valuable in assisting any pilot in learning to fly.