Flight Lesson 1

Getting program, airplane, and hardware running.

Note: in the HPTS Pilot Training Syllabus, this lesson is the first introductory flight in the aircraft. For the simulation flight lesson 1, this is to get set up with a computer, flight simulator program, and airplane you want to fly ready to fly.


Choose an aircraft and flight simulator program (X-Plane or FSX) based on your aircraft wants and computer skills. Get your computer, controls, and install your program and airplane as described in the “how to” sections of this web site. Get the aircraft to be at Carson City Airport (CXP) on runway 27. Can use alternate airport if you want. Have the weather to be a calm day with no winds or turbulence.

Tools and Resources

Completion Standards

Having a functioning flight simulator program running with an airplane stick, rudder pedals, and hopefully a throttle system. Can start system and have aircraft sitting on runway ready to go. Have the buttons set as advised in the “how to” section in this site. Be able to change views from cockpit to outside of aircraft and pan around.