Weight-Shift Control Trike

Currently, there is only one weight-shift control (WSC) trike made for flight simulation. It works with the Flight Simulator X (FSX) program and it is a good overall model.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X Aircraft

  • Weight-Shift Control Aircraft (also known as Trike, Powered Hang Glider, and flying wing) included with program
However, setting up the controls for a trike is more challenging. If you flip the stick upside down and hang it from something above you where you can reach the trim plus build a control bar and attach it to the stick hanging above you, you would have a pretty good model for training or flying in a trike. The foot pedals could be programmed exactly like the trike, throttle/gas with the right foot, and brake with the left foot. With these modifications this would represent the trike controls very well and provide accurate controls.


Video featuring a WSC trike