How To

Set up

Learn how to set up, configure, use and optimize the systems. I’m going to share the common sense stuff that is not included in the manuals, plus some tips and tricks that can make it easier for you. Each system is unique so you may have to experiment around to make things work.

How to

Wondering how to navigate the programs? You’ll learn how to in the flight simulator programs section. Go to the the specific programs introduction…

First, and foremost, is to get your hardware working on your computer before you even start either of the flight simulation programs.

Hardware on your computer

Plug your hardware into your computer. Go to the control panel and select “Game Controllers”. Check the operation of each hardware control and make sure it functions with your computer before starting your flight simulator program.

This video shows how to do this quick check…

To learn how to install and set up your hardware for the programs go to…