Flight Lesson 12

Cross-Country Competency

Ground lesson 12 must be completed before this flight lesson.

For the student to become competent at performing cross-country duties, obtain a logbook endorsement for solo cross-country, and perform first solo cross-country flight.

Assignment for this lesson:
Fill out Flight Planning Log for cross-country flight from Carson City south to Minden than south to Alpine than west to South Lake Tahoe than north to Truckee via east shore of Lake Tahoe and back to Carson City. Fill out a flight plan sheet.


  • Set the wind for 15 knots fro the west at all altitudes.
  • Make sure you have enough fuel for you cross country flight. An hour of reserve is best but a minimum of half hour fuel is required.
  • Using your flight planning sheet as a guide, take off carson City Airport and start following your flight planning sheet indicated airspeed, altitude and following headings.
  • Turn on some turbulance after to start our climb from the Alpine airport and leave it on all the way to your landing in South Lake Tahoe Airport. Than turn it down slightly for the rest of the flight.
  • Time each leg to see how long it took verses how long you predicted. Look at your GPS ground speed and see how this compares to your predicted ground speed for each leg.
  • Record on your flight planning sheet the diferences in planned verses actual.

____ Plotting course ____ Flight log _____ Weather ____ Filing flight plan
____ Pre-flight ____ Cross-country flight ____ Flight log use ____ Navigation
____ Radio communications ____ Post-flight
____ Control and maneuvering in reference to Instruments if aircraft Vs >87 knots after April 2, 2010
____ Cross-Country endorsement when qualified

Completion Standards:
This module is complete when the student is competent to conduct solo cross-country operations and performs the first solo cross-country flight.