FAA Certified Training

Any flight training that a certificated current CFI performs in a real airplane is FAA Certificated Training.

For simulated flight training, FAA approved “Flight Simulators” and “Flight Training Devices” are simply software, such as Microsoft Flight Simulator X and X-Plane (plus many others), coupled with hardware that can simulate the aircraft procedures and flight characteristics.

The definitions for FAA approved hardware/software applications are:

Flight simulator means a device that—

  • (i) Is a full-size aircraft cockpit replica of a specific type of aircraft, or make, model, and series of aircraft;
  • (ii) Includes the hardware and software necessary to represent the aircraft in ground operations and flight operations;
  • (iii) Uses a force cueing system that provides cues at least equivalent to those cues provided by a 3 degree freedom of motion system;
  • (iv) Uses a visual system that provides at least a 45 degree horizontal field of view and a 30 degree vertical field of view simultaneously for each pilot; and
  • (v) Has been evaluated, qualified, and approved by the Administrator.

Flight training device means a device that—
  • (i) Is a full-size replica of the instruments, equipment, panels, and controls of an aircraft, or set of aircraft, in an open flight deck area or in an enclosed cockpit, including the hardware and software for the systems installed, that is necessary to simulate the aircraft in ground and flight operations;
  • (ii) Need not have a force (motion) cueing or visual system; and
  • (iii) Has been evaluated, qualified, and approved by the Administrator.

Flight simulation training on FAA approved flight simulators or FAA approved flight training devices can be used for:

  • 2.5 hours of the 20 hours of flight instruction required for a private pilot certificate
  • 20 hours of the 40 hours of of instrument time for the instrument rating
  • 50 hours of aeronautical experience of the 250 minimum hours requirement if an FAA approved flight training device or flight simulator is used with an authorized instructor

We will have this training available locally in Carson City sometime after June of 2011