Flight Lesson 11

Cross-Country Fundamentals

Ground lesson 11 must be completed before this flight lesson.

For the student to become familiar at performing cross-country duties by flying the first cross-country flight.

Assignment for this Lesson:
Use the Cross-Country Flight Planning worksheet in the checkride book page 42 or at the store downloads and updates page to fill in the navigation log and flight plan. Use a west wind at 15 knots for all altitudes. Plan a flight fron Carson City north east to Silver Springs, than south to Yerrington, than west to Minden, than north back to Carson City for a 100 Nautical mile Cross country flight.

With the west wind plan your patterns at the airports Takeoff runway 27 Carson, Silver Springs – right pattern for runway 23, Yerrington – fly over mid field and enter downwind mid field LH runway 19, Minden fly over mid field and use left hand pattern for runways 34 or 30, your choice, Carson do normal 45 degree entry for left traffic runway 27 to complete your flight. Mark this plan on your flight planning sheet.


  • Set the wind for 15 knots fro the west at all altitudes.
  • Make sure you have enough fuel for you cross country flight. An hour of reserve is best but a minimum of half hour fuel is required.
  • Using your flight planning sheet as a guide, take off carson City Airport and start following your flight planning sheet indicated airspeed, altitude and following headings.
  • Time each leg to see how long it took verses how long you predicted. Look at your GPS ground speed and see how this compares to your predicted ground speed for each leg.
  • Record on your flight planning sheet the diferences in planned verses actual.

Cross-country planning
____ Plotting course ____ Flight log ____ Weather ____Airports performance
____ Flight computer ____ Setting GPS waypoints ____ Alternate airport information/procedures
Cross-country flight
____ Use of flight log ____ Navigation with pilotage and dead reckoning ____ Using GPS
____ Radio communications at new airport ____ Landing at different airport ____ Instrument flight >87k

Completion Standards:
This module is complete when the student performs a cross-country flight at the assigned locations, lands at each airport, and returns to the original airport. The uses the flight planning sheet and records the differences in the calculated verses actual, communicates at each airport, and changes to the proper radio frequency for each airport.