Simulator Flight Training

Simulator Flight Training at Sport Aviation Center provides guidance on setting up a flight simulator training program and unbiased comparisons of available programs, hardware and available aircraft.

Flight School

Here we will tell you about the training system and provide guidance for using the flight training system along with your flight lessons or performing the lessons as a virtual aviator.

Flight Simulator Program

Choosing a flight simulator program is your first step in virtual aviation. This decision should be based on four primary factors:
  • airplane you want to train in
  • your computer skills
  • flexibility in design of aircraft
  • Terrain and landmark realism

Flight Simulator Aircraft

We are going to cover the full array of aircraft available – from the light-sport to the supersonic. We’ll take a look at what is available from the Microsoft Flight Simulator X and X-Plane programs.

Flight Simulator Hardware

Flight simulator hardware is broken down into two categories – computer and flight controls. We will explore the subject in depth in this section.

How To

Learn how to set up, configure, use and optimize the systems. I’m going to share the common sense stuff that is not included in the manuals, plus some tips and tricks that can make it easier for you.

Image and Video Gallery

Images and videos for simulation flight training and ground school utilizing Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Laminar Research X-Plane, and Google Earth flight simulator airplanes.

MGL iEFIS Glass Panel

MGL iEFIS Discovery, Explorer and Challenger – Learn how to set up MGL iEFIS Electronic Flight Instrument System (Glass cockpit) simulator on your home computer for the aircraft you fly.