Airplane LSA for X-Plane

These are the current Airplane Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) available for the X-Plane software program.

  • Zodiac 601 Paid add-on by 3point at (instrument panel and N number modified by Paul Hamilton to be as close as possible to the aircraft he teaches in)


    Flight Designs CTLS Free add-on at

  • PiperSport Free add-on at
  • Van’s Aircraft RV-12 Free add-on at
  • Remos Free add-on at
  • Seamax M-22 Free add-on at
  • Tecnam P-92-Eaglet Free add-on at
  • Cub Crafters Sport Cub paid add on by 3point at
  • Sonex Paid add-on by 3point at
  • Zenith STOL CH 750 Freeware from zenith website

For instrument panels and outside views of the aircraft available see the image gallery. Please provide comments and reviews on the above aircraft especially if you use them and fly the actual airplane also.