Stage 2 Check to Solo

Flight review as required:

____ Review of all flight items practiced for accuracy and student flying competently and confidently and sole manipulator of controls for all items.

____ Discussion of pre-solo requirements (14 CFR § 61.87)

Assignment for this lesson:

  • Get a student pilot certificate from an AME, DPE or local FSDO office. Virtual aviators can also get an FAA student pilot certificate by going the local FAA Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) and get a FREE from your government with a US driver’s license sport pilot student certificate FAA form # 8710-2. This is what the instructor signs for you to fly in the real airplane. If you are a virtual aviator and made it this far in this program, go get one you deserve it.
Ground Check: Stage 2 pre-solo written exam.

This includes the multiple-choice questions in this book which are now online.

Stage test procedures now available on line at: the gateway site for Aviation e-Learning

Or you can find the test questions in the Training Syllabus and workbook. (and typically, an additional written test by the CFI for the specific airport to solo).

Ground Check Completion Standards: Test score of 70% or better and reconciled to 100%.

Solo Flight: The ceremonial solo flight. Set up the aircraft at the ramp, taxi out, takeoff and do 3 touch and goes in the airport pattern. Taxi back to the ramp area for the solo flight.

Completion Standards:

When the student is signed off for solo work, and the student has conducted one supervised solo flight strictly in the pattern perfecting takeoffs and landings.