Stage 3 Check for Cross Country

Cross-Country Flights

For the student to gain the required experience in solo cross-country operations and obtain the solo cross-country endorsement and experience for repeated cross-country flights.


Stage written exam. This includes the multiple choice questions now available on line at: the gateway site for Aviation e-Learning

Or you can find the test questions in the SPORT and PRIVATE PILOT TRAINING SYLLABUS – AIRPLANE. (and typically an additional written test by the CFI for the specific airport to solo).

Ground Check Completion Standards:
Test score of 70% or better and reconciled to 100%.

Flight planning
____ Personal navigation equipment
____ Weather and operational considerations
Pre-flight planning
____ Altitude ____ Courses and distances
____ Speed, time, and heading calculations
____ Completing the flightlog
____ Fuel calculations ____ Weight and balance
____ Takeoff and landing performance
____ Airport information for intended airports plus diversions
____ Flight log form ____ Flight plan form
____ Airplane documentation and preparation for flight
____ Right-of-way rules
____ Weather discussion
____ Radio communications
____ GPS
____ Pilotage
____ Dead reckoning
____ Flight log kept throughout flights

Flights for Stage 3 Check:
Based on the results of flight lesson 13, the understanding of the items listed in this stage check, and cross -country ground test, additional flights may be necessary. Repeat lessons 11, 12 or 13 as required

Ground Stage 3 Check:
Pass Stage 3 test with score of 70% or higher, reconciled to 100%.

Completion Standards:
Student performs cross country flights to get cross-country endorsement 8.