Flight Lesson 10

Solo Precision with Mini Cross Country Flight   Objective: For the student to become proficient in maneuvers for solo flight after first solo in Stage 2. Assignment for this Lesson: Get a San Francisco Sectional download or paper and locate south of Reno the Carson City airport and the Minden Airport south of that. Content:
  • Set the weather for East winds at 10 knots just like after a cold front came through.
  • Set up the airplane on the ramp at Carson City. Set the AWOS frequency for the radio to 119.925 and com to 123.00. Since the wind is from the east Taxi to runway 9.
  • Do your run up checklist and announcement before takeoff “Carson Traffic, Zodiac six, Zero one Zulu Yankee entering runway niner for takeoff. Will be exiting to the area to the south. Carson.
  • Takeoff runway 9 and make a right hand turn to the south. Climb to 6500 feet and follow the main road to your right to the south.
  • Set up to come into the Minden airport half way down about 10 south of carson city. Change the radio frequency to the Minden AWOS 119.325 and Comm frequency to 123.00. Set the GPS to Minden if the airplane is so equipped. The mindem airport will be to your left.
  • When in position, start the 45-degree pattern entry flying straight to the middle of runway 34 (north/south runway). Announce all your positions “Minden traffic, Zodiac six zero one Zulu Yankee inbound on a 45-degree for left traffic runway 34, Minden.
  • Do a normal pattern with a touch and go there. After takeoff exit the airport on a 45-degree from your upwind takeoff. Three miles from the airport as you are flying northwest, switch over to Carson City frequencies and GPS waypoint.
  • Fly up north and enter 45-degree pattern 3 miles from the airport for runway 9. Complete the right hand pattern and land on runway 9 for your first mini cross country.

Completion Standards:

Maneuvers listed in this lesson are performed within PTS tolerances (altitude +- 100 feet, airspeed +/- 10 knots). Student has obtained endorsement to fly unsupervised solo.